Any caterer, restaurant, or coffee shop can now tempt its customers with hot chocolate drinks from the Delice, a new styish countertop dispenser. While it can mix any hot drink, the Delice "will help any owner operator to increase sales with premium hot chocolate drinks.

In the world of chocolate, what's old is new Long before chocolate was eaten, it was served and enjoyed as a drink. The Maya drank 'chocolatl' made from roasted cocoa beans, water and a little spice. Montezuma shared it with the Spaniards. Hernan Cortes wrote a letter to the King of Spain calling chocolate "The divine drink which builds up resistance & fights fatigue". Europeans and South Americans have enjoyed drinking chocolate for centuries. In the USA drinking chocolate is usually recognized as milk mixed with cocoa powder; gritty and not very satisfying. Unlike "Swiss Miss" cocoa or "Nestles' Quick" and milk, drinking chocolate is like...... DRINKING CHOCOLATE! With Starbucks' introduction of "Chantico", US consumers are re-discovering "chocolatl" (drinking chocolate). Preparation combines a blend of real melted chocolate, high quality powdered cocoa, milk or cream, sweeteners and spices or flavorings. Many (including Starbucks) serve drinking chocolate using powdered mixes which must be prepared. Once the mix is in liquid form it is generally heated and frothed using a cappuccino machine. Unfortunately that results in the one consistent criticism; inconsistent preparation. An unsatisfactory cup is usually due to insufficient heating and mixing. Proper temperature is key regardless of the mix used. Even the best drinking chocolate mixes come across the palate as gritty if served at too low a temperature and frothing will never give a consistent serving temperature.













Chocolate Shot Machine











Our drinking chocolate machines are designed to heat and mix many different kinds of drinks (chocolate, tea, coffee, milk, mulled wine,etc.) and especially chocolate, in a way that ensures perfect smoothness and thickness every time. It cooks the chocolate using a patented method, through a set of simple steps, producing an excellent product in just a few minutes.